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Plasma Containers, 11oz

Plasma Containers, 11oz

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Embrace the cosmic journey each morning with the 'Plasma Container' coffee mug, your vessel for the celestial liquid that powers your day. Adorned with an intricate 3D Smith chart that morphs into a mesmerizing wave function, this mug captures the complex beauty of plasma, the fourth state of matter that fuels the stars. Swirls of vibrant red and tranquil blues mimic the dynamic flow of charged particles across the vast expanse of space, while the delicate threads of mathematical equations chart the unseen forces that govern the cosmos. This isn't just a coffee mug; it's a tribute to the universe's enigmatic energy, a daily reminder of the boundless possibilities that the day holds. Whether you're a stargazer, a lover of physics, or just in need of some interstellar inspiration, let the 'Plasma Container' be your guide through the galaxy of your imagination as you sip from the cup of the cosmos."

  •  .: White ceramic with colored interior and handle
  • .: C-handle .: Eye-catching color contrast
  • .: Lead and BPA-free
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